26 billion images optimized and counting!

Free WordPress Image Optimization plugin and API

reSmush.it is the only completely free wp smush image compressor. It was developed in 2015 and is used on hundreds of thousands of WordPress websites.

Its integrations with platforms such as Magento, Drupal, Laravel, Joomla, Prestashop and others help tens of thousands of websites optimize their images every day.

If you are interested in the history of Smush WordPress idea and resmush.it, have a look at this page.

How it works

One can effortlessly smush images using reSmush.it through various methods: the WordPress plugin, available integrations, or directly through the API. This process significantly reduces server load on the client side by performing image compression in the cloud. reSmush.it effectively compresses JPEG, PNG, and GIF files using a suite of freely available tools, often reducing the image size by an average of 50% compared to the original.

While reSmush.it offers good and cost-free image optimization, it might not be the most superior option available, especially since it currently does not support WebP/AVIF conversion in its API. For those seeking the best of image optimization services, ShortPixel is a highly recommended alternative. Operating on a freemium model, ShortPixel boasts advanced SmartCompress image compression algorithms. You can experiment with the image optimization for free. Additionally, its WordPress plugin not only compresses existing image formats but also automatically generates WebP/AVIF versions of the images.