Make your life easier by using our image optimization service with these tools. It just works, helping your images look great and load fast wherever you need them.

Dedicated WordPress plugin for
Dedicated Laravel package for
CLI Client for Python Package
Dedicated module for Drupal 7
Dedicated module for Drupal 8/9/10/11
Image Optimizer for Magento 2
ImageAPI Optimize Module (Drupal 7 dev. and Drupal 8)
Dedicated package for Language R
Magento Image Optimizer extension (£54.99)
Dedicated extension (£69.99)
ImageOptimization extension ($79.00)
Prestashop Plugin ($29.00)
Joomla Extension DJ-Classifields ($150.00)
Joomla Extension DJ-Catalog2 (e-Commerce which integrates ($72.00)
Joomla Extension DJ-MediaTools (Media Library which integrates ($75.00)
Helder’s Gulp
Helder’s Grunt
Composer ImageOptimizer package
Davgothic’s PHP Class