We’ve reached 100,000 installs of our WordPress plugin, and it’s still highly rated! Check it out!

We have written a command line tool (CLI) for Mac/Linux: Install it now on your computer/server

The WordPress plugin was voted the best free image compression plugin by WP Beginner 🙂

We’ve reached 20,000 installs of our WordPress plugin, and it’s still rated very highly! Check it out!

Our image optimization API has now (Dec 7, 2017) reached the third billionth optimized image and continues to offer this service for free 🙂 :-).

The old endpoint http://www.resmush.it/ws.php will be deactivated in mid-September. The only valid endpoint is http://api.resmush.it/ws.php.

Since version 1.4.24 (Jul. 2017), SSL verification for remote images is disabled.

Since version 1.4.21 (Feb. 2017), JPEG optimization has been improved and the weight has been reduced by an average of 5%. In addition, the EXIF data is removed by default (see API page).

In February 2017, we reached the second billionth optimized image, and still free 🙂 New servers are coming this month for even better performance 🙂

Thanks to Maecia Agency, a new WordPress plugin for reSmush.it was released in June 2016. Please welcome reSmush.it Image Optimizer.

In May 2016, reSmush.it proudly reached the first billion optimized images! And it continues!

Since March 2016 the endpoint has changed. Please update your scripts from http://www.resmush.it/ws.php to http://api.resmush.it/ws.php. The old endpoint will be deprecated on September 30, 2016

You can now set the compression level for JPG images! See the API page for more information.